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Alexey Nikishin // Books // New Book (#5)

New Book (#5)

30 Mar 2016

This is a 5th book of ours under a pilot title of "Mashenka".

Alexey Nikishin // Books // New Lectures

New Lectures

29 Mar 2016

This recent course is devoted to Contemporary Photography!

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Round Table

Round Table

15 Mar 2016

There are Russian creators and lovers of Books of Photography who are present at "round table" in SREDA club.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // New Book (#4)

New Book (#4)

14 Mar 2016

The fourth book production is now in action!

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Done!


11 Feb 2016

This second print run is English-friendly!!

Alexey Nikishin // Books // MMOMA Bookshop

MMOMA Bookshop

1 Feb 2016

Now our photographic books in Russian are on sale at the bookstore of Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Done!


3 Jan 2016

The first print of "iPhonographique", "The Journals", "May 9" in English.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Now in English!

Now in English!

27 Dec 2015

Hooray! We are done with translations (honestly, quiet a big deal!!) and now you can enjoy the literary version of three books in English.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Moscow Lectures

Moscow Lectures

21 Dec 2015

Deep in burning discussions of the books.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // GARAGE Bookstore

GARAGE Bookstore

15 Dec 2015

Our books on sale at GARAGE bookstore in Moscow.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Lectures in Moscow

Lectures in Moscow

7 Oct 2015

Airing thoughts on modern photography and its books.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Lumiere Bookshop

Lumiere Bookshop

5 Oct 2015

The first place to host our books is Lumier Brothers' Centre of Pphotography!

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Presentation


4 Oct 2015

This time there are the books of Photography on display at Lumier Brothers' in Moscow.

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Book Selfies

Book Selfies

4 Oct 2015

One more selfie at the shelves of Lumiers'. Soon will there be ours!

Alexey Nikishin // Books // Bookshelves


25 Sept 2015

Here it comes, another image about how some books made their way to somebody's library! This time the books and the place are both mine;-)

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